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The most high quality, modern, and service orientated
time-lapse system has arrived, and it's awesome.

For Marketing, For Stakeholder Engagement, For History.

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DSLR 24 Mega-Pixel Quality, 3G Connected, Solar Powered.

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Feature: 3 Year Time-Lapse of Calgary's New Central Library

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OwlBox is effortless, beautiful, and knows a little about cold weather...

OwlBox has experienced the cold of the Canadian Prairies to the heat of the Australian outback. Our time-lapse cameras kept clicking away as temperatures reached -49°C in Alberta. That's some kind of cold.

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It's not simply about pictures. OwlBox is about service, quality, and changing time-lapse

We look at time-lapse as a marketing tool first and foremost. Our cameras are an extension of our belief that your project should be just as amazing when you envisioned it.

24 Mega-Pixel DSLR

We use 24 Mega-Pixel Nikkon Cameras in every box. This means you get the best quality photo with amazing resolution.

Solar Powered

OwlBox is powered by the sun, no AC tie-in required. Solar panels and a back up battery power OwlBox through all seasons.

3G Connectivity

Your photos are beamed back via 3G connection, allowing for real time viewing of your project at your discretion.

Weather Proof

We've been through Canadian winters, and Australian summers. OwlBox has performed amazingly well with its IP66 rating.

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