We're obsessed with quality and function

That's why we use DSLR cameras, powered it with solar power, and connect with 3G internet connectivity. Easy, simple, beautiful.

A Creative Company with Technical Minds

With over 45 years of combined experience in media we are adept in the technical and creative side of photography, and time-lapse productions. That experience allows OwlBox to offer the best quality, most innovative features, and robust service that our clients expect. Ironing? We're still working on that.

We started OwlBox because there was a gap in the market for really high quality time-lapse and site monitoring. Today, most are still offering low mega-pixel cameras that frankly look awful. They claim to be "HD" but that's just the size of the video...not the QUALITY of the picture. OwlBox offers that supreme quality that only we would be happy with.

About Our Team

Ryan Northcott

Founder / CEO

Ryan Northcott has been in the film industry since 1997 as an actor, producer, and…

Eric Giesbrecht

Founder / VP Operations

Eric Giesbrecht has been in television and stage for over 15 years. He has brilliant…

Michael Moller

Founder / VP Technology

Michael Moller is founder and VP Technical at OwlBox. Michael has been in the media…