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Learn more about how our DSLR driven, solar powered, weather proof construction time-lapse camera system.

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Time-Lapse Cameras

The meaning behind the numbers and what it means for your project.

Nikon DSLR Cameras

The Nikon D3300 equipped in each OwlBox Construction Camera Time-Lapse System is a powerhouse camera with spectacular quality and versatility. Some of our units have taken nearly 300,000 photos and they still perform as new.


  • 24MP CMOS Sensor
  • Native ISO 100-12,800
  • No Low Pass Filter
  • RAW & Fine JPEG

Why it Matters:

Quality of photograph is the most important piece in making a great time-lapse video. We capture image sizes upwards of 6000 x 4000 pixels, when editing a 4K time-lapse video this size and quality allows us to zoom in on certain parts of construction creating a more dynamic video.

On the client side of our Live View App our clients can download, share, and use the images at the highest quality. Every frame is an image which means the images can be used on marketing materials, presentations, websites, and social media in print quality.

Nikon DSLR Lenses

Every construction project is different, which means every installation area is different. We need to be flexible and have DSLR lenses to combat that. We use two different types of lenses on our OwlBox cameras, the Nikon 18-55mm  and Nikon 10-20mm lens. Both very capable and clean.


Nikon 10-20mm

  • Good for tight mounting spots
  • Crisp image quality

Nikon 18-55mm

  • Good for farther mounting spots
  • Crisp image quality

Why it Matters:

When we scout a great spot for an OwlBox we’re looking for the best angle and accessibility. Sometimes accessibility isn’t guaranteed, these lenses allow us to be flexible. For instance, for the New Central Library in Calgary, Alberta we were able to capture the entire construction project from on top of City Hall with a 10-20mm lens.

Custom Built Mounting

We custom build every OwlBox camera mounting for each specific project, because each one has its own challenges. The mounts are designed to be safe, non-penetrating, and rated for hurricane-level winds.


  • Roof mounts rated for Hurricane-Level winds and non-penetrating.
  • Pole mounts on wood, metal, or other materials.
  • Wall mounts with fall protection.

Why it Matters:

Some OwlBox cameras can be mounted in precarious areas, we want to make sure we aren’t compromising roof or wall structure or the safety of those on-site or nearby. The last thing you want is the camera falling and (knock on wood) falling on a person causing a significant injury. We take extra caution to make absolutely sure this never happens.

3G/LTE/WiFi Connectivity

OwlBox comes with a 3G/LTE/WiFi modem inside the box with data included in your monthly price. Not every construction site has WiFi capability or the camera can’t be close enough to reach the signal, but all sites have access to cellular service.


  • Hassle-Free, no need to swap SD cards
  • 3G/LTE/WiFi connectivity included
  • Two-way communication with real-time status
  • Upload photos to Live View Web App
  • Cellular widely available

Why it Matters:

You don’t want to be left out in the cold when you aren’t connected to your time-lapse camera. You could be missing photos for days or weeks on end, something could be obscuring the view, or you can’t monitor the progress on your project by seeing uploaded photos. These are just a few drawbacks and why being connected is vitally important.

Weatherproof IP66 Housing

OwlBox is based in Calgary, Alberta so we know a lot about weather extremes; the prairie wind, arctic cold, hot summers, and rainy days. OwlBox housings are rated IP66 to protect against the elements.


  • Total protection from dust
  • Protection from high pressure water jets

Why it Matters:

Getting dust and liquid in the housing a recipe for disaster, it can damage electrical components and render the OwlBox inoperative. OwlBox cameras have operated year over year in temperatures from -49°C to +45°C.

Solar Power

Often times the accessibility to power is non-existent when the camera is far from the construction site or that site has no infrastructure yet. We rely on Solar Power to fully power our system with a backup battery in even the coldest months.


  • High-wattage solar panel
  • No infrastructure tie-in required
  • Rechargeable backup battery with a 4-day life span
  • Sustainable

Why it Matters:

In our experience most construction sites have little access to power initially or the camera is too far to access it, solar power is a no-brainer when it comes to powering OwlBox. Solar power allows for a broader range of mounting options as we don’t hassle adjacent buildings with the need for power.

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