Red Bull Crashed Iced Time-Lapse by OwlBox
There's no chance we'd go down that course

Red Bull Crashed Iced Time-Lapse by OwlBox

Red Bull Crashed Iced Time-Lapse by OwlBox 1399 788 Ryan Northcott

32 Days. 3 Cameras. 64 Skaters. 415 metres. 70,000 people.

That’s what it takes to get an amazing time-lapse of the iconic track build of the Red Bull Crashed Ice course in Edmonton, Alberta.¬†Stretching 415 metres from top to bottom, with a 45m vertical drop and 9 turns, capturing the construction of the track was a challenge, but here at OwlBox we pulled off the time-lapse beautifully, and witnessed an amazing event.

We were immensely proud to have the time-lapse featured during the broadcast on Red Bull TV, in newspapers like the Edmonton Journal and more.

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Ryan Northcott

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