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Our Construction Camera
Time-Lapse Services & Process

Live Image View Web App

What’s a camera on-site if you can’t see what it sees? Every OwlBox installation comes with a login page to view and download your photos as they are uploaded.


  • View high-resolution original photos
  • Download high-resolution original photos
  • Compare different images by date
  • Check on contractors, employees, vendors, and progress
  • View photos from the start – no storage limits

Why it Matters

You want to keep tabs on the progress of the project in minutes, not visits. Questions get answered in a split second when you log in to your OwlBox web app, no need to visit the site or send an email to get progress updates. In one instance, OwlBox was the determining factor in a dispute between a contractor and the construction managers.

Final Time-Lapse Video Editing

Editing a time-lapse is no small feat. Even in the most forgiving circumstances it takes a significant amount of time to complete a finished time-lapse video. Photo selection, image editing, zooms, pans, music, logo animations…just a few of the elements to a great video.


  • Professional Video Editor
  • Professional image editing
  • Logo animations
  • Music license clearance

Why it Matters

OwlBox is owned by the team at MEDIAPOP Films, so we know a lot about editing video, you want that expertise to make a video that represents your crew and brand professionally. It starts with the photo selection process – not every photo should be used in a time-lapse so to avoid flickering. The selected photos are edited in Adobe Lightroom to look their best (most images out of camera are pretty flat). The images are brought into the editing software (After Effects, Davinci Resolve) and professionally edited to a music track. We create a logo animation for your company’s logo and export a 4K time-lapse video for you to post where you want.

Compare Edited &
Untouched Photos

On the left you’ll see an image not put through Lightroom photo editing and one on the right that has.

Untouched Photo from Camera

Edited Photo from Lightroom

Professional Installation

OwlBox installs every time-lapse camera to ensure you get a great shot and safe mounting of the camera. Installation differs from project to project and is not included in monthly pricing, but rather a one time charge


  • Safe and professional camera mounts.
  • Ensures the best angle and proper configuration
  • Hassle-Free, you don’t need to do a thing
  • OwlBox can coordinate locations

Why it Matters

There are a few benefits of having OwlBox install your camera; you don’t have the time or the energy to worry about where the camera is going to go and how it’ll get there, we ensure every OwlBox camera is safely mounted, and the proper procedure to get the time-lapse unit up and running is followed. The final result is a great looking shot.

Full OwlBox Team Support

Each OwlBox time-lapse camera we put on a construction site is our responsibility (unless it gets run over by a tank, among other unforeseen situations). We take pride in providing prompt support if anything happens or there’s something you need.


  • Respond to issues if they arise
  • Troubleshooting is our problem, not yours
  • Maintenance and whole system monitoring

Why it Matters

We don’t send you a camera with a box of parts for you to figure out how to use. There are no lengthy tutorials and instruction manuals. OwlBox cameras are set up and operated for you so you can focus on the project and view your photos and time-lapse videos without any of the hassle.

The OwlBox
Process in 3 Steps

1. Plan, Research, Install

With your collaboration, we’ll pick the best spot to install the OwlBox unit and use a variety of methods to mount it from poles to bases.

2. Set it & Forget it

We’ll configure the camera to take photos at a certain interval, between a certain time of day, and let the unit do its thing. Sit back and enjoy.

3. It's Showtime

At project end, we’ll begin editing the final time-lapse video. Whizz, bang, boom, you’ll have an awesome time-lapse video to show the world.

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