Everything you need to know about OwlBox
OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse
Cameras and Services
Learn more about how our high-quality, solar powered, weather proof construction time-lapse system.

You get one chance to record history

Construction cameras
that don’t suck.

…with stellar service to back it up

Nikon DSLR Cameras

We use Nikon DSLR cameras in each box to capture every image at its highest resolution. This means images a clear, high-resolution, great for marketing, and deliver 4K time-lapse.

Turn Key

OwlBox cameras are hassle-free for the folks on-site, in the office, or far from the project. Once the camera is installed there’s nothing to do but check your project’s progress via WebApp.

Images in the Cloud

No matter where you are, OwlBox provides each client with a custom web application to view your photos at any time, any where, on whatever device you have. Check on your site, progress, and more.

Wicked Service

We pride ourselves on providing above and beyond service. We use a top of the line production suite with a creative twist, utilizing the power of Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and DaVinci Resolve.

Final Time-Lapse Video

It’s all done. Years of planning finally come to an end. This is where we shine as we produce a creative, beautiful, and engaging time-lapse video with music, titles, zooms, and pans. A thing of beauty.

Installation Service

We install every OwlBox Construction Time-Lapse Camera because project has its own set of challenges. Each mounting is different, each project unique, and each shot should be the best shot.

IP66 Weather Proof

From Canadian winters to Australian summers, OwlBox can match what Mother Nature has in store. One day in 2014, the coldest temperature on earth was -49°C in Peace River, AB. OwlBox kept clicking away.


Your photos are sent back to our servers via cellular or WiFi connection .That connection allows us to get photos to your Web App right away, check status, and change settings remotely.

Solar Powered

We wouldn’t be a forward thinking company without powering our units with renewable energy. Solar panels, and a back up battery offer a steady stream of power with no costly infrastructure tie-ins.

A Hassle-Free
Process in 3 Steps

(Pardon the informercial speak)

1. Plan, Research, Install

With your collaboration, we’ll pick the best spot to install the OwlBox unit and use a variety of methods to mount it from poles to bases.

2. Set it & Forget it

We’ll configure the camera to take photos at a certain interval, between a certain time of day, and let the unit do its thing. Sit back and enjoy.

3. It's Showtime

When the project is complete, we’ll begin editing the final time-lapse movie, and collect the camera from the site. Whizz, bang, boom, you’ll have an awesome time-lapse to show the world.